I have a problem.....


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    I have a problem.....

    Post by jave-lin on Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:54 pm

    Like probably most of us here,
    I am addicted to "Video Games" and "Games" in general.

    It's tough keeping up with a j.o.b, business, social life,
    family and friends, when I have this irresistible craving/urge
    to sit down on my lounger/chair/couch in front of the TV/Laptop/PC/Android/Ipad/DS/Gameboy and play some freakn games! lol!

    Sooooo much expenses have come out of this hobby,
    and it's costing me my left nut to bear with all these
    systems, updates/upgrades, material games in terms
    of finances.

    So thus, in relevant terms, this addiction is a VICE.
    Or is it not? I mean, I have fun, and I gain a bit of
    self R&R when I am playing these games,
    either by myself or with family/friends/or just some
    other random people at the arcade.

    I also have a freakn BACK LOG of games
    from all 3 systems that some I have not even
    unwrapped the plastic off of, and yet to play....

    Because of all this, I can fairly say
    I consider myself a "hardcore gamer" who is
    ADDICTED to games!!!
    Wouldn't you? Like don't hardcore gamers
    usually play like on average 12 hours a week?
    I sometimes play like 20 hours a week,
    especially with days off...
    I know of peeps who play like 48-74 hours a week....
    Now that's addiction.

    How many of you consider yourself "addicted"
    to gaming? Do you consider it a "vice"?
    How do you cope with the extreme expenses
    that amass because of what gaming is and requires?
    How many hours in a week on average do you spend on gaming?

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    Re: I have a problem.....

    Post by risendark on Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:38 pm

    hi jav.. I feel you dude, i can relate to some of the things your going through..

    1. spent so much on video games
    2. back logs
    3. game consoles, games, I have but haven't played yet

    i don't consider myself an addict but there's this crave inside me that whenever i see a good game or console.. I just cant resist.. I must have it... especially if its rare, in good condition and CHEAP!! hehe

    anyway, it may not be the same as you but still its time consuming and expensive.. hehe..

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