Xbox 360 reviewers/article writers - Wanted


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    Xbox 360 reviewers/article writers - Wanted

    Post by jave-lin on Wed May 02, 2012 12:04 am

    Hey sup ya'all.

    Javelin here, lookn for a couple solid
    360 hardcore gamers here for an
    up-n-coming gaming zine' to be regular 360
    article writers on staff...

    Solid English writing skills is a must,
    in-depth knowledge of everything 360 is required.
    300-500 word 360 gaming reviews, and 300 word previews
    of upcoming games yet to be released.

    Initial contract will be for 5 articles (probation)
    3 360 game reviews, 2 360 game previews.
    Rate is $60 for 5 articles (increase in rate will be discussed and depend entirely on your ability to write to go
    along with your article reputation in the community).

    Those interested may contact me here,
    and provide a couple (one or two) sample
    articles (300-500 words) to me in Word format.
    Photographs and a Youtube link of the game would be great.
    But please use the offical game developer's in-game photos
    and official Youtube trailer, so as to not to infringe
    on the other(s) rights.

    A pool of 30 or more applicants is set,
    so these are highly competitive positions on staff.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    *Also looking for 1 or 2 PC writers,
    so holler at me, if your a solid PC gamer/writer.

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