xbox 360 jailbreak is now in production now officially !


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    xbox 360 jailbreak is now in production now officially !

    Post by monica on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:51 am

    News from x360key team that the world's first jailbreak item for xbox is finally came out,here is the more information :

    "We are very proud to announce that xK3y is now finally in production. The first stock will be shipped to distributors who placed their orders during our pre-order period by the end of August.

    As you may have noticed updates on xK3y progress have been scarce lately. Very late in the testing we noticed that a certain Slim model just did not want to be friends with xK3y. This last month we worked around the clock making sure that everything works flawlessly. There is a good thing that has come out of the delay as well. Software 1.00 has a lot more features than we initially planned for launch.

    While the hardware team has been busy testing and fixing the last bugs the software team has made astonishing discoveries, and some unique features that will never be possible with any CFW may be possible in the very near future. (We wont elaborate more on WIP for today but expect more soon!) "

    It seems this item will out soon !

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