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    Post by zheejmik on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:29 am


    What does XGD3 stands for?
    Xbox Game Disc 3.

    What is XGD3?
    XGD3 is new disc format developed by Microsoft. Basically it adds more AP (Anti Piracy) and CVI (content integerity) checks. Microsoft’s current format structure creates a partition weighing in at around 1GB, filled with anti-piracy sectors. This update tweaks the approach to significantly save on space, or omits the partition altogether.

    Will disc type change?

    No! Even with XGD3 XBOX360 games will stay on DVD, dual-layer at 8.5GB! Only difference is that now data is overburned i.e. forced all the way to the edge of the disc!

    Will all consoles support XGD3?
    That can't be said with 100%, but according to Microsoft XGD3 discs will work with all previously released (and future) models of the Xbox 360.

    What do I need to play legit XGD3 games?
    You need to update console to latest dashboard. Dashboard 2.0.13146 and newer adds support for XGD3 format. You can even play legit XGD3 games on CFW, since C4eva added XGD3 support to his CFW (LT+ v1.9 and newer!)

    What do I need to play backup XGD3 games?
    You need JTAG!. You can't play this on regular console ATM. So far XGD3 format is not rippable as a traditional .iso release. We can only hope this gets solved eventually!

    You said XGD3 isn't rippable, but XGD3 games are available for download?
    Those releases are for JTAG!
    When will LT+ X.XX be released that supports XGD3?

    C4eva announced that LT+ 2.0 is planned for eventual XGD3 backup support. No ETA at this moment.

    What's the reason behind releasing XGD3?
    Even tho Microsoft never confirmed it, it's obvious that their goal is to prevent piracy! Microsoft and Xbox scene have been playing a cat-and-mouse game for a long time. MS introduced quicker dashboard updates, AP 2.5 check, AP 2.6 check...All of those have been "defeated". XGD3 just continues the cat-and-mouse game...Hopefully it won't end it.

    List of XGD3 games:
    -Driver San Francisco (confirmed by COMPLEX)
    -Dead Island (confirmed by COMPLEX)
    -Warhammer 40000 Space Marine (confirmed by COMPLEX)

    (Only games that are released and cofirmed having XGD3 by a reliable source will be listed above. No speculations or rumors!)

    XGD3 ripping process...
    As stated above, so far there isn't any way to rip XGD3 as a traditional .iso release.
    C4eva hasn't addressed this problem yet!

    I will update this thread when ever new info is released!
    Thanks for reading, I hope it will help Wink

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